Manchester – The Wrestling Factory

Hot off the plane from America I headed up to work at The Wrestling Factory with the legendary Pippa L’Vinn. Being originally from the north I love a trip back that way.

Working at The Wrestling Factory is such a treat. Firstly, other people to talk to! :-))) travelling to do sessions can get a bit tiring and lonely sometimes (cue the violins) so getting to hang out with fellow wrestlers and clients on a more relaxed and extended basis is soooo nice. And as we all know, Pippa is never short of chat. Lol!!

This trip saw me do my first ring-based pro-style match. Ohhh MYY gooddddd… was so much fun!!! Pippa basically beat me up, dragged me around, lifted me and pulled my hair for 20 mins. My throat hurt from all the shouting and it is a serious workout!!

I got to do a couple of mat and ring combined matches for a company in USA with Pippa and the lovely Lisa King. Totally loved these as well. Adding the dirty tricks (those girls have quite the arsenal of these) to the mix….you’ve got to be on the ball!

I’m hoping to head to Manchester every 2-3 months from now on. Great girls to work with and friendly clients – what more could a girl want :-)))

Scorpion x

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