Just another Sunday night…

I went to a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday night. Her boyfriend (let’s call him Jack) is a kickboxer and personal trainer, he had some more friends round who were a mixture of kickboxers, personal trainers and one ‘normal’ girl ;o)

Jack is always trying to get me to wrestle at their place. He did some BJJ back in the day and generally enjoys fighting.

After dinner he started winding his best friend (Ben) up, saying that we should wrestle. That it would be fun, that he wanted to watch him get his butt kicked etc etc. Ben is a personal trainer, well-built mixed race guy in his thirties. Probably about 5’11”/180cm and 80kg/175lbs

Before we know it Jack has left the room and returned with some spandex shorts for Ben. Very small spandex shorts!! Ben got totally heckled into getting changed and returned in shorts and T-shirt.

So they cleared the living room, coffee table and rug moved out of the way. The ‘spectators’ took their seats with camera phones in hand. Jack selected entrance music for us and it was time to rumble!!

Ben entered ‘the ring’ first and got the crowd going lol! Then it was my turn…I stripped off my jumper and threw it in his face..ahahaha…got to get the competitive edge early on…then gave him a little double bicep flex.

3…2…1..wrestle!! We pummelled and swopped grips for a little bit. I was feeling him out. He was pretty strong but lacking in technique. I kept going for the double unders…then remember that throwing him onto a wooden floor might sting a little. We wrestled like this for 2 minutes, swopping grips. Me getting the double unders and squeezing the life out of him with some bear hugs, driving my knuckles up and under his ribs, I could feel him getting tired :o)

So I didn’t want to take him down onto the wooden floor…hmmm…what to do? He had me in a terrible attempt at a guillotine that I knew I could wriggle out of, looking around I spotted my opportunity with the couch! I drove him backwards onto it…scattering the spectators :o))) He still had me in the terrible guillotine so I used my shoulder on his chest to distract him whilst I free dmy legs from his half-guard…then pushed his elbow to free my head. Now he was in big big trouble. I grabbed him opposite shoulder and drove my forearm into his throat, pushing him down onto his back and giving me the mount position. He almost tapped to the pressure on his throat but the softness of the sofa let him wriggle out and push my elbow off. He wasn’t safe for long though. I wriggled my left hand upwards, moving his left arm towards his head, then used my head to complete the pinning of his arm to the side of his head. Then it was a simple case of linking my arms together for the anaconda choke..one of my favourites :O)))

He tapped and I was THE CHAMPION! His friends were all laughing their heads off and cheering, it was hilarious. Then we all got to sit back and watch the footage.

Good times!

Scorpion x

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