Italy – November 2015

I know I know I know I have completely neglected my blog. Tons of other stuff happening. In particular my tour of the usa…which I will fill you in on at length at a later date

Today I’m on the way back from a brief trip to Italy. My first session visit to Rome and then on to milan where I have some family.

Rome was fun, some really nice new guys. Including one very sweaty competitive session and another that ended with some bondage and tickle torture.
Unfortunately I was so worn out from the session I had no time for sightseeing. I feel soooo guilty when I visit a new city and don’t explore. Hopefully I will come for longer next time.

As I hadn’t done any sightseeing I thought it would be nice to walk from my hotel in Rome to the train station. Half an hour through beautiful historic Rome….I ended up sweating my butt off….my bag got heavier and heavier. My pull along mat trolley kept biting my heels.

Made the train with 2 mins to spare.

Sometimes my life is soooo glamourous it’s unbelievable!!! Lol!!!

Highlight of Milan was a session with a judo brown belt, he has plenty of experience so we had a brilliant one hour match. In the gi, pure martial arts playtime! We could both work our different styles ūüôā

He got a good strong early lead 3-0….but gradually I worked out his game and also had the advantage with stamina. Doing all of these sessions gives me great¬†stamina and it gives me a huge advantage over the guys that I do ‘normal’ training with *mwahahahahaaaa*

Scorpion x

Filming in Antwerp with Emma Switch

Last week I had a little road trip to catch up and film with Emma Switch ( in Antwerp.

I met Emma at Monica’s event earlier this year. I love her clips and thought we could make some good stuff together. We are both a bit vicious!! :o)

My journey to Antwerp was not ideal. The strike at Calais added soooo much time on to my journey and I arrived 3 hours late!

Luckily Emma and her team are super efficient so we got down to filming immediately. Our main opponent…the heat!

Emma and I started with a submission¬†match with belly punching allowed. The rule: Don’t hold back with the punches :o)

Next up we did a beatdown and ballbusting clip. Emma and I vs one of her lovely guys. I absolutely love doing beatdowns, I trained in Thai boxing and boxing so I get to deploy all of my skills.

We continued with a nice gentle foot worship clip, a pins n pantyhose match then I finished off with a very sweaty competitive match against Emma’s willing victim.

After cold showers all around we all headed for a delicious Indian meal in Antwerp. We had chance to chat, covering the usual mixture of jiu-jitsu, kink and jokes.

Thank you to Emma and her team for inviting me and looking after me.

The clips will be on sale from August, check my social media for updates (all the links are here About Me )

Scorpion x

In the beginning….

Scorpion - Session Wrestler London
Scorpion – Session Wrestler London

… did it start? Talking to a dominatrix friend of mine one day…she mentioned this thing called ‘session wrestling’….hmm what’s that? She told me a little about it….. So I get to train jui-jitsu? Do a workout? Beat guys up? AND I’m going to get paid for this? Whaaaaaaaattt?????? Welcome to my perfect job :o)))

So I’ll be posting all kinds of stuff, training, travel, filming and, of course, sessioning.

I started in January 2015, I have lots of historical stories to upload so some of the dates might be all over the place for a little while. Any questions…just get in touch :o)

Scorpion x